First given in 1702, the Key to the City of New York is presented to distinguished persons for outstanding civic contributions. Past recipients fo the Key to the City include winners of the New York City marathon, Olympic Gold medal winners Sarah Hughes and Jimmy Shea, Mets pitcher John Fanco, yankees pitchers David Cone and David Wells, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Theresa and teh 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. The practice of presenting a key to an individual may be traced back to medieval times, when admission into a city was hampered by many legal restrictions, as well as by walls and locked gates. The key symbolized free entry.

As part of a ceremony marking the opening of his new Women’s and Home flagship store at 888 Madison Avenue, Ralph Lauren was awarded the Key to the City of New York by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Past recipients of the award, given to “distinguished persons for outstanding civic contributions,” include winners of the New York City Marathon, Olympic gold medalists, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev. Recognized for his contributions as a designer, business leader and philanthropist, Mr. Lauren is proud to be the first fashion designer so honored.

The following is a transcript from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s October 14, 2010, speech

’Good afternoon, everyone.

It's great to be in a small building that was built on a budget.

When they say they don't build them like this anymore, it turns out that's not true. I am a Mayor, a businessman, and most importantly a fashionista… in spite of the New York Post claiming that I only own 2 pairs of shoes. Alas, it’s true, but on the bright side, I'm only 202,998 behind Imelda Marcos.

So, anyway, this day is a most wonderful thing, and this guy, Ralph Lauren… I just want to tell you a little bit about him. Born to immigrants in the Bronx, this is the great American success story. He attended Dewitt Clinton High School, studied at Baruch College - part of the New York City College System, I'm happy to say - and worked his way up from a salesman to what he is today: An icon.

I think it’s fair to say Ralph's brands are among the most recognizable in the world. You do recognize this tie I’m wearing? I made absolutely sure that I had one of your ties on today. It would be very embarrassing if I didn't. Someone told me I should wear one of Ralph’s polo shirts on the golf course. They said you'll look better but your game won't. So, anyway...

Ralph and I were talking upstairs… Anybody can have a success once... Maybe you're talented... Maybe you're lucky... But, to do it again and again and again over a long period of time as the world changes and the skills and the interests of the public change and if you can stay at the top of your game, then you're really somebody special. And that's what's always impressed me about Ralph - that and his philanthropy.

You should know that the Ralph Lauren Foundation has made a significant contribution to New York starting with Lincoln Center and Central Park. He took immediate action after 9/11 and established the Polo Ralph Lauren American Heroes Fund to help Children - the children of victims - afford college. In 2003 he provided the funding - and also supplied the vision - for the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer and Prevention, in East Harlem that I've been to. His design team ensures that the space serves not only the physical needs of the patients, but also helps support their emotional needs. Even as we speak there is quite an impressive online auction underway that is raising money for the Pink Pony Fund which provides funding to worldwide organizations fighting cancer. I hope you will all participate in that auction. I can't decide whether to bid on the dog's featured in an actual Ralph Lauren ad, or maybe I should try to win a pair of RRL jeans that Tom Cruise wore in one of his recent movies. Maybe, if I go with the jeans, I will look like Tom in Mission Impossible.

New York is home to some of the most dedicated and talented people in the world and Ralph Lauren certainly fits that description to a T. So, Ralph, we are so glad that in this difficult climate you have the faith in the city to open this store. You just really are a living example of people in New York that come here and they have a dream, and they have a talent and the determination that's necessary and they make something… and because of that, we would now like to add to your long list of accolades that you've already received, such as the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, one more accolade. It is actually the most prestigious thing the city ever gives away…It is something that has enormous value… It is a key to our city.

Ralph, or Ricky asked me upstairs, ‘What does the key open?’ The answer is… absolutely nothing. But because I know you're a fashion maven - People don't think of you that way I bet, but anyway, I do - and you probably don't believe this but I can tell you this - it's a little secret to help your career- it’s the accessories that really make the whole outfit…So, we also have an I LOVE NEW YORK keychain to go along with the key.’

The Key

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These two historic buildings are the ultimate expression of luxury and service. Step into a rare world dedicated to our men’s brands at 867 Madison and find the timeless glamour of our women’s and home collections at 888 Madison.

Ralph Lauren has opened a grand, new flagship store in the renowned Latin Quarter of Paris. We invite you to join us in savoring a moment that has been years in the making through exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with Ralph Lauren, photos, stories and more.

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Originally designed in the 1890s by Kimball & Thompson, the Rhinelander Mansion is an architectural treasure and among the few remaining turn-of-the-century great homes in Manhattan. With its classic beaux arts façade, the building is a large French Renaissance Revival mansion exemplary of the grand architecture of the Upper East Side. In 1983, Ralph Lauren began an extensive renovation to re-create and restore the classic opulence of the original structure. The building is unrivaled in terms of preservation, architecture and design and serves as the perfect showcase for the timeless style of Ralph Lauren’s Men’s collections.

The store’s interior evokes a masculine ambience, providing an intimate setting for the full breadth of iconic Ralph Lauren apparel and accessories for men, including dedicated areas for Purple Label, Black Label, RRL and Polo Ralph Lauren. Continuing Ralph Lauren’s tradition of high-level service, the store features impeccably crafted Made to Measure suits, dress shirts, trousers, topcoats, sport coats and formalwear customized to a man’s exact measurements as well as made-to-order accessories and leather goods. Every room of the Men’s flagship features authentic décor reminiscent of the neoclassical style of the original grand residence.

The first floor includes a refined selection of Purple Label and Polo Ralph Lauren haberdashery and a dramatic display of luxurious Ralph Lauren timepieces. Among the notable architectural and design details is one of the largest hand-carved staircases in the United States, built on-site by European artisans.

The second floor is home to Purple Label, Made to Measure clothing and made-to-order accessories, luggage and antiques. The dramatic beaux arts interior is enhanced by charcoal grey, black and deep purple accents and polished nickel and antique silver hardware and metalwork.

The ornate architecture and classic details continue on the third floor, which is fully dedicated to Polo Ralph Lauren apparel and accessories. The stained oak furnishings in the rooms and galleries evoke the collection’s signature preppy heritage and recall the private clubs of Harvard, Princeton and Yale. This floor is also home to an authentically vintage-inspired environment dedicated to RRL.

The fourth floor features Ralph Lauren’s Black Label collection, and the décor is inspired by race cars and speedboats, with mid-century furniture and decorative elements that include light mahogany millwork with ebonized details, Italian leather–wrapped shelving, polished stainless steel accents and camel-colored floors.

Over 25 years ago, I stood on the corner of Madison Avenue and 72nd Street and watched the amazing restoration of the historic Rhinelander Mansion. I invited people into a world, not just a store. Today I stand on the opposite corner reveling once again in the elegant beauty of a new mansion. It is the most romantic setting for all my women’s collections, accessories and fine jewelry as well as Home. It fulfills my dream of the ultimate experience for women in New York City.
—Ralph Lauren (2010)

Reminiscent of the grand beaux arts architecture of the early 20th century, the neoclassical French design of the exterior of the 888 Madison Avenue Women’s and Home flagship is inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the Upper East Side. The stately four-story building’s scale and detailing are elegant complements to the Rhinelander Mansion across the street.

The structure is finished with Indiana limestone and beautifully accented with hand-carved details. The vast windows on the ground floor are framed with black wrought iron, and soaring archways signal the two grand entryways, one on Madison Avenue and one on 72nd Street. In keeping with the stately residences on neighboring Fifth and Madison avenues, the building’s upper-floor exterior is highlighted by a terrace and painted wooden windows with decorative iron railings. The rich detailing of the brackets, corbels, window frames and balustrades across the façade complete the beaux arts design.

The store’s interior features feminine details in neoclassical style that help cultivate an elegant and intimate setting for the three floors of salons dedicated to apparel and accessories from luxurious women’s brands Ralph Lauren Collection, Black Label and Blue Label. The full breadth of the Ralph Lauren Home collection resides on the fourth floor. A grand staircase accented with custom sconces, limestone steps and a handwrought French metal railing provides access to all floors and offers a sweeping vantage point. The detailing and mood of the store is reflective of the Ralph Lauren locations on Boulevard Saint-Germain and Avenue Montaigne in Paris. A rococo design flows throughout the 888 Madison Avenue flagship, with limestone and parquet wood flooring, French-polished millwork, hand-cast plaster moldings and decorative wrought iron accents. The space is adorned with luxe crystal chandeliers, authentic Persian rugs, antique furniture and artwork, hand-blocked wall coverings and rich upholstery—an elegant and dynamic counterpoint to the masculine stained-mahogany and oak world of the Rhinelander Mansion.

On Madison Avenue, entry to the ground floor is gained through a soaring archway with commanding glass doors framed in handwrought iron. This entrance opens to the main salon, which features a backdrop of stained mahogany cases with hand-carved details that reveal a luxurious display of Ralph Lauren handbags and leather goods. Carved wood and plaster–framed entryways lead to a series of magnificent salons showcasing fine watches, jewelry, accessories and footwear. The Footwear Salon captures the feeling of French rococo style through its magnificent antique marble fireplace. A focal point of the ground floor is the Watch and Fine Jewelry Salon, the first of its kind in the United States, which resides in a space decorated with dramatic black French-polished wall paneling accented with antique silver metalwork.

The Grand Salon, located on the second floor, displays the modern elegance of Ralph Lauren Collection apparel and accessories. From here, one enters a small, intimate area where two large French doors open onto the second-floor terrace, which offers a perfectly framed view of the landmark Rhinelander Mansion. Antique Aubusson rugs, custom furniture, artwork and antiques recall the style of a grand New York residence on Fifth Avenue. Continuing on, one arrives at the VIP suite and tailoring room. Through arched passages in the matching North and South salons, one finds Ralph Lauren Collection sleepwear, which is exclusive to this flagship. Collection sleepwear is inspired by the couture luxury of Ralph Lauren’s dramatic runway collection.

The grand staircase’s landing on the third floor opens to a swing shop that highlights the chic sophistication of Black Label. On this floor, one also can experience the complete world dedicated to the youthful elegance of Blue Label, including footwear, handbags and belts.

The top floor is devoted to Ralph Lauren Home. This space features two dramatic seasonal lifestyle collections and a luxurious assortment of iconic gifts, decorative accessories and tabletop accents as well as fine bed and bath linens. The comprehensive design center offers a full representation of furniture, fabric, wall coverings, lighting and window furnishings.

Via Montenapoleone 4


Located at Via Montenapoleone 4, home to some of the world’s most prestigious shops, our extraordinary 16,000-square-foot Milan flagship is fashioned in the Italian neoclassical style and evokes all the grandeur of a 19th-century palazzo.

Map & Directions

I am thrilled to be opening an important store in Milan, where people appreciate refinement, quality and style.
—Ralph Lauren (2004)

The Milan flagship opened its doors at 4 via Montenapoleone in 2004. Fashioned in the Italian Neoclassical style, the spacious four-story 12,000-square-foot space evokes all the grandeur of a 19th-century palazzo. The interior design represents the finest of Italian craftsmanship, with hand-troweled Venetian plaster walls, Italian limestone floors and opulent details like rock-crystal chandeliers, a majestic 18th-century carved limestone fireplace and Edwardian mahogany vitrines. The centerpiece of the palazzo is a grand staircase that sweeps through all four levels of the store, wrapping around a modern glass-and-bronze elevator that rises up through the center, perfectly embodying the masterful mix of tradition and modernization that personifies Ralph Lauren.

The lower level of the flagship features a distinctly masculine environment and is host to Polo Ralph Lauren and Men’s Accessories.

The ground floor welcomes guests to the luxurious world of Ralph Lauren’s premium Men’s labels and features Purple Label, Made to Measure and accessories.

A decidedly feminine tone is set on the next floor where a uniquely glamorous boutique is dedicated to the elegance of Ralph Lauren Collection. Visitors may also visit an exclusive footwear and handbag salon and shop for sunglasses, belts and other luxe accessories.

The top floor features women’s Black Label and Blue Label as well as a selection of Ralph Lauren accessories, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship and iconic luxury.

Shibuya-ku, 4-25-15 Jingumae


Located in the renowned Omotesando shopping area of Tokyo, this 24,000-square-foot store, with its striking Beaux-Arts-inspired façade, makes a bold statement of time-honored elegance in a region famed for extravagantly modern architecture.

Map & Directions

The opening of our Tokyo flagship store represents a significant milestone for our company. We will create a statement in Japan that will further advance the world of Ralph Lauren in region where quality and design are highly valued.
—Ralph Lauren (2006)

The store’s striking Beaux-Arts-inspired façade makes a bold statement of time-honored elegance in a shopping area famed for extravagantly modern architecture. Entering beneath massive two-story glass-and-bronze windows, guests embark on an evolving cinematic shopping experience. As they travel through a backdrop of hand-applied Venetian plaster walls and Ottoman limestone columns and passages, they experience an eclectic mix of beautiful products and design that welcome them to the world of Ralph Lauren. A series of divided spaces and connecting galleries evoke a residential intimacy in a building of grandly scaled proportions.

The Tokyo flagship offers the most extensive range of Ralph Lauren products available in Japan. The ground floor features men’s Purple Label, Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, RRL, exclusive artisan collectibles and RLX, as well as a luxurious array of men’s leather accessories and limited edition items.

The second floor showcases Ralph Lauren’s women’s selections, which include Collection, Black Label, Blue Label and RLX. Traveling up the grand staircase of Carrara marble and rising past a wall of jewel-like beveled mirrors with polished nickel accents, guests are invited into a room that is home to one of the largest Ralph Lauren women’s accessories presentations in the world.

No. 1 New Bond Street


Inspired by the great luxury ocean liners of the 1920s, the London flagship blends Art Deco architecture with the robust opulence of an English gentleman’s club to create a luxurious environment for Ralph Lauren’s premier collections.

Discover the New Menswear Department at No1 New Bond Street

Located at 1 New Bond Street, in the exclusive Mayfair neighborhood of London, the 24,000-square-foot flagship opened in 1999. Its design was inspired by the great luxury ocean liners of the twenties—blending Art Deco architecture with the robust opulence of an English gentlemen's club. The building was formerly home to the National Westminster Bank, and the interior has been refurbished to create a rich backdrop for the various collections that define the world of Ralph Lauren. Mahogany paneling, working fireplaces and an impressive collection of fine art and photography contribute to the store’s refined ambience. The building’s elegant seven-story façade defines the understated glamour of what has become London’s most prestigious shopping district.

The lower level of the flagship invites guests to experience the enduring style and expert craftsmanship of the Ralph Lauren Home collections. The dedicated space includes bed and bath linens, china, crystal, silver, decorative accessories, gifts, furniture and other exquisite elements that create Ralph Lauren’s vision of elegant home décor.

Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren and Accessories are showcased on the ground floor in a luxe environment that recalls the interior of an exclusive English gentleman’s club.

The luxurious, masculine tone on the ground floor continues on the next floor where Purple Label, Black Label, Polo Sartorial, Accessories and Made to Order are available.

Women will discover a world of their own on the top floor, where the luxurious combination of blond mahogany with pale suede and cashmeres create a sophisticated feminine tone for Ralph Lauren’s Collection, Black Label, Blue Label and Accessories.

265 Greenwich Avenue


The commanding presence of our Greenwich, Connecticut, flagship is signaled by its classic beaux arts façade. Constructed from richly detailed limestone, it features soaring arched windows, carved stone balconies and balustrades.

Map & Directions

Our nearly 19,000-square-foot Greenwich, Connecticut, flagship store is situated in a prestigious shopping area along Greenwich Avenue. Its commanding presence is immediately signaled by its classic beaux arts façade, which is reminiscent of the grand architecture of the early 20th century.

The flagship has two main entrances, with one opening into the Men’s store, which features carved mahogany beams and a lavish baronial fireplace. The second entrance leads to the Women’s store and is marked by an elaborate limestone balcony and an arched passageway. Guests enter through majestic doors, decorated with handwrought iron grillwork, that lead into a formal gallery. This room provides a luxurious setting for Ralph Lauren’s exclusive accessories for women.

At the end of the Women’s gallery, a sweeping grand staircase leads to the second floor and unfolds into the spacious Ralph Lauren Collection salon, accented by an antique fireplace and lush furnishings. The Collection room is complemented by the adjacent Footwear Salon, where burnished moldings frame richly colored fabric panels that, in turn, frame leather-clad shelves displaying a selection of beautiful footwear. The second-floor space’s dramatic interiors and elegant décor also showcase the Ralph Lauren Home collection, which includes a unique assortment of rare and vintage pieces, as well.

Tretyakovsky proezd, 1


Situated at the heart of Moscow’s Tretyakovsky shopping district in a historic building, our Moscow flagship’s sculpted brick façade is reminiscent of many classic turn-of-the-century Russian buildings, including the country’s famous Kremlin Palace.

Map & Directions

This 8,000-square-foot flagship is home to Russia’s premier assortment of Ralph Lauren men’s and women’s collections. Located in a historic building, the store’s architectural details evoke the “classic” Russian style that was prominent at the turn of the century. The façade complements the small row of historic buildings along Tretyakovsky Passage.

As guests enter the store, they begin a cinematic journey through the world of Ralph Lauren. The ground floor features honed French limestone and high vaulted ceilings rich with detailed molding and vintage accents that create an old-world feeling. Visitors can travel up a three-story wrought-iron-and-glass elevator or a French limestone staircase that wraps around the building’s interior.

The first two floors are dressed with more feminine details and feature the best of Ralph Lauren’s women’s labels, including Collection, Black Label and Blue Label, as well as a large presentation of Ralph Lauren accessories.

The third floor evokes a more masculine feel created by the use of rich mahogany-stained millwork and ebonized mahogany wood panels with coffered ceilings. This is the premier Russian destination for Ralph Lauren’s men’s collections, including Purple Label, Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, RRL and men’s accessories.

750 North Michigan Avenue


Inspired by the old-world elegance and Renaissance Revival style of New York’s Metropolitan Club, the Chicago flagship, at 37,000 square feet, is the largest Ralph Lauren store in the world and is adjacent to RL, Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant.

Map & Directions

The décor of our Chicago flagship was inspired by the old-world elegance of New York’s renowned Metropolitan Club. The 37,000-square-foot store is our largest in the world and showcases Renaissance Revival style through palatial grandeur. The structure, which was originally designed to be a bank, is located at 750 North Michigan Avenue, along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the city’s most exclusive luxury shopping destination.

The first two floors are dedicated to Ralph Lauren Menswear. Guests enter a gallery of rooms accented with dark mahogany and oriental rugs where they find an array of haberdashery and Polo Ralph Lauren clothing. There is also a Watch Salon devoted to highlighting the luxury and precision of Ralph Lauren’s fine timepieces. A grand staircase leads to the second floor, where Purple Label, Black Label, RRL, RLX and Polo Ralph Lauren tailored clothing and sportswear, as well as apparel for boys, are all presented in an equally masculine space.

The third floor is home to Ralph Lauren’s Women’s collections. Here, in the midst of a distinctly feminine environment, guests can enjoy the glamorous world of Ralph Lauren Collection; the chic, modern styles of Black Label; the fresh, eclectic looks of Blue Label; and an extensive selection of shoes, handbags and jewelry.

On the top floor of our Chicago flagship, guests will find a comprehensive selection from the Ralph Lauren Home collections as well as styles for girls and baby.

Adjacent to the store is RL, Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant, considered to be one of Chicago’s finest dining experiences. The menu is inspired by American classics and offers critically acclaimed, timeless fare that stands apart from fashion and trends, such as seafood, steaks, pork chops and salads.